Wuzzuf Upload Resume

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Issue Background

Wuzzuf allows users (candidates) to upload a CV as part of a profile. While on the upload CV screen, a button to upload a file after it has been selected (browsed to) is available.

The upload button is enabled even if no file has been selected. And if it is clicked, a big error message is displayed to the user (Figure 1). I’ve personally encountered this issue while updating my profile. The upload button is very inviting for a user to click on, and probably without even noticing that there is a browse button (this is what actually happened with me 🙂 ).

Figure 1 – Error Message

Suggested Fix

From a user experience perspective, I believe that it is better to guide the user, and prevent or minimize the chances of making mistakes/errors. And when it is inevitable, a message/means appropriate for the case and severity should be implemented. Sometimes a message needs to be more forgiving to avoid making the user feel bad 🙂 .

Following is a suggested fix. Taking into consideration that whether such a fix is necessary or would be actually implemented, depends on a lot of factors, such as, enough data confirming the issue (maybe I’m the odd user in this case 🙂 ), priorities, related metrics and so on.

While I have suggestions to enhance the error message, I will focus on preventing the issue in this case.

The suggested fix is to make the upload button disabled until a file is selected, and then enable the button only after a file has been successfully selected. While the upload button is disabled, a descriptive tooltip is displayed to the user.

An Interactive prototype for the suggested fix.