Udemy Playback Rate

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Problem Background

Udemy website gives students the option to control video playback speed, and the available options are: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2x. For example, “2x” would play the video 2 times faster than the normal playback speed/rate.

To save time, many students play videos at rates higher than the normal rate, where they are still able to properly understand the contents. For some students, playing a video at “2x” would be too fast, thus, they find themselves stuck with “1.5x” (although they find it not fast enough). This leaves students unhappy because of the missed opportunities to save more time.

Accordingly, it is suggested to introduce an option to play videos at “1.75x” to address the needs of unhappy students.


User Story

Play videos at 1.75x rate

As a Udemy student, I want the option to play videos at 1.75x rate, so that I have better control over playback rate and save more time

Acceptance criteria

–          Video plays at 1.75x rate when a Udemy student selects the option from the list

–          A Udemy student can change the video playback rate back to any other option from the list

–          Each time a Udemy student clicks on the selected playback rate box (without choosing an option from the list), the next rate is automatically selected. For example, if 1.5x is the selected rate and a Udemy student clicks on the selected playback rate box, 1.75x becomes the selected rate

Edge Cases

–          If the selected rate is 2x (maximum rate) and a Udemy student clicks on the selected playback rate box, the current rate becomes 0.5x (the next available rate is the minimum)

–          If a Udemy student changes the video quality, the selected playback rate should not be affected