Instabug – Product Lead


Name: Abdulrahman Assabri


Mobile: 01223856053

Address: El-Sheikh Muhammad El-Nady St., Nasr City, Cairo


Phone Model: Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Tablet Model: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014)

PC Model: HP Pavilion Dv6

PC OS: Windows 10

IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio


LinkedIn | AngelList | Personal Website/Portfolio (You are here! :)) | My Brand/Company (Co-founder)

Top 5 Apps

Outlook | WhatsApp | Slack | OneNote | Pocket

Facts About Instabug

Instabug was co-founded by Omar Gabr (straight from University) and Moataz Soliman (had a brief tenure at Microsoft), and raised a total of $2.12M in 3 Rounds from 10 Investors.

Noha Asaad recently joined from Microsoft, and she is – like my brother 🙂 – a big Juve fan.

Nadine A. Mansour’s favorite sport is American Football (and she plays it).

Donia Shaarawy was a BI Developer at ITWorx before joining Instabug.

Before joining Instabug, Ahmed Anwar had previous experience with startups, including Vezeeta and Bixls (CEO).

Hady ElHady is probably the latest addition to the team, joined as a Content Creator/Developer.

You use Cordova/PhoneGap.

Coolest Thing Done


Introduced and managed a new product – in a well-established and competitive industry (data integration) –, including the vision, roadmap, technology, scope, analysis, design, team building, release planning and implementation. In addition to documentation, demos, and sales and marketing materials.

Complexity was the key challenge for users. Making the product and the process simple was the key success factor. I turned the process to a streamlined workflow, and adopted a simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive UI. It was innovative, and unlike other products on the market (received very positive feedback and was highly regarded by a respected consultant/expert from USA), and our GM wanted to file a patent for it.


Jumping from a boat in the middle of the sea to do snorkeling. And soon, my first dive.

Most Interesting Discovery


Instabug is an Egyptian company. I knew about Instabug from PM/Startup/Slack communities, but only knew that it is an Egyptian company from a post – liked by someone from my network – on LinkedIn by Donia Shaarawy (that you are hiring).


I’m not the only crazy person who dreams about the day when humans can breathe underwater without the need for special diving equipment. Nothing more than a mouth piece (think artificial gills). I discovered that there are actual trials to do so. A campaign called Triton Scuba exists. However, it seems there are still some difficulties and it may not become a reality soon.


I started my journey with Fifa back in 1994. Played Fifa17, but I’m a bit out of shape due to a lack of practice time 🙂